Audion Privacy Policy

Who are we?

Audion is a French ad tech business dedicated to digital audio advertising. We are committed to the importance of securing the protection of all personal data, and maintaining privacy. As such, we want to be transparent about how we collect and use some of your personal data in our advertising business. This involves a range of intermediary service providers, both technical and non-technical, and include our publisher partners' websites and/or mobile applications. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with Audion's privacy policy stated below, at any time with your consent.

What data do we collect from you ?

Personal data is defined by GDPR as "any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person". Audion solely collects and/or processes the following categories of data concerning your browsing, through tags (cookies) and/or equivalent technology, in particular from its partners, which record and provide to Audion the information in relation to the devices that you use:

  • The type of device used (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.)
  • The operating system of your device (iOS, Android, Windows etc.)
  • The browser used (Safari, Chrome, Internet explorer, etc.)
  • The advertising identifier linked to the operating system of your mobile device
  • The IP address of your device
  • The geolocation data of your device

>> Information in connection with the advertisements that are delivered to you

  • The URL and/or content of the website or mobile application that you are browsing and where the advertisement is likely to be delivered to you and, where applicable, has been delivered to you
  • The details of the advertisement(s) that is, and, where applicable, has/have been delivered to you (identity of the advertiser, type of advertisement, etc.)
  • Your behavior in respect of this/these advertisement(s) (time spent on advertisement, your clicks, if any, etc.)
  • The number of occurrences where you received the advertisement(s) delivered by Audion

How do we use your data ?

Audion collects your data, with your consent, to provide you with relevant and personalised advertising. We use this to promote products or services that are likely to be of interest to you, in particular those that reflect your browsing behaviour and including the criteria listed above. Audion may place personalised advertising on the webpages or applications you browse through that are edited by publishers, based on the data collected with your consent. The data collected is also used for reporting purposes, so that we can provide Audion customers and/or partners with aggregated and non-personal information in connection with the performance of the advertising campaigns carried out by Audion.

Who processes your data ?

Audion does not transfer your personal data to third parties for processing for the purposes described. However, if necessary, we do transfer your data if there are legal grounds for such processing. On some occasions, we do disclose data to some of our business partners to provide our audio advertising services: Google Cloud Platform – Google LLP - as provider of the server infrastructure. Audion only works with providers that guarantee full compliance with the obligations required under GDPR, and the contracts we sign for subcontracting data processing comply with this regulation. The process carried out by the aforementioned providers is governed by the privacy policies of each provider, which you can access from their websites and/or mobile applications.

Where is your data processed ?

The data collected and processed by Audion is processed within the European Union. However, in the event relations of Audion and our partners would involve cross-border exchanges of personal data outside of the European Union (and in particular in the United States), Audion will ensure that such transfers offer a protection level in compliance with European requirements (by entering with its partners into the Standard Contractual Causes adopted by the European Commission, and/or by the adhesion of such partners located in the United States to the Privacy Shield).

How long is your data stored ?

Audion stores your data for a maximum of thirteen (13) months following the date of its collection. Shorter durations are also implemented, to make sure data is not kept for longer than necessary in a form that identifies a person.

How do we protect your data ?

Audion undertakes all necessary precautions to preserve the security of data, in particular that the data is not communicated to unauthorised persons. The personal data we collect is kept in a secure environment. People working for us are required to respect the confidentiality of your data. We are committed to maintaining a high degree of confidentiality by incorporating the latest technological innovations to ensure the confidentiality of your transactions. However, since no mechanism offers maximum security, there is always a risk involved when using the Internet to transmit personal data.

Cookies, what is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file stored on a user’s device (computer, mobile or tablet) for registration purposes. When it is linked to the browser and disappears when it closes, it is called "cookie session or browser cookie". When it allows to record and identify the users´ interests and to enhance their advertising experience, then it is called "advertising cookie". Those last ones are stored for a longer period of time. You can remove them using the "Help" section in your browser.

What type of cookies does our advertising technology use ?

As Audion Service Cookies are set at the request of Third Party Publishers, such Third Party Publishers are responsible for making sure that you have consented to such cookies being placed on your device.

Every publisher we work with provides a transparent and detailed explanation of cookies type that can be used by Audion Service Cookies.

Audion Service Cookies may be session cookies or persistent cookies. Additional details on the potential use of Audion Service Cookies are set forth below.

Cookie Name : SessionID
Purpose : This cookie is used to identify the same user’s session.

If you do not consent to the Audion Service Cookies, or if you would like to withdraw your consent, you can manage the Audion Service Cookies by using the mechanisms provided by the Third Party Publisher to refuse the settings of the cookies or to withdraw your consent to the cookies.

What is a device ID ?

A "Device ID" is a unique identifier allocated by the operating system of your terminal in order to allow your identification through various applications.

Device IDs management

If you wish, you may oppose the use of device IDs by Audion by following the instructions of the manufacturer of your terminal. This will prevent Audion from collecting anonymous data, but will not interrupt the ad serving. As an example, the instructions for Android and iOS are as follows: Android: open the Google Settings (or go to "settings'' and then "Google") and select the "Advertising" section iOS: open the "Settings" and go into the "Privacy" section, then select "Advertising" and activate the "Limit Ad Tracking" function

Right of access, rectification and opposition

Accordance with the European regulations in force, you have have the following rights:

  • Right of access and rectification, updating, completeness of their data, right to block or erase their personal data, when they are inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal, out of date, or whose collection, use, communication or conservation is prohibited
  • Right to withdraw consent at any time
  • Right to limit the processing of their data
  • Right to oppose the processing of their data
  • Right to the portability of the data that the Users will have provided, when this data is the subject of automated processing based on their consent or on a contract (article 20 RGPD)

Any person concerned may also contact Audion in order to give instructions as to what such person wants Audion to do with his/her personal data after his/her death (storage, deletion, transfer to a designated third party).

Amendment of the policy

Audion reserves the right to amend this Policy at any time and without notice, in particular as a result of changes in the legislation in force or in the services offered by Audion. We invite you to review this Policy on a regular basis on the website of Audion, in order to be informed of its possible amendments. Should you have any question, you can contact us by mail at