Audion reach

Reach listeners across streaming, podcast and radio.

Advertise on the largest audio inventory, with a reach of over 5 billion monthly ad opportunities. Our digital audio ad solutions include cross-platform targeting capabilities and detailed reporting on your campaigns.
Audion ecosystem

Deploy your brand across every audio channel.

Reach your audience through a rich inventory, that spans premium editors across radios, podcast studios and music streaming.
Engage audiences with ad placements in thematic and genre-specific podcasts.
Broadcast your message via traditional and digital radio channels.
Place your ads in streaming content, reaching users during their favorite listens.
Utilize ad spots in on-demand content, ensuring message repetition and reinforcement.

Reach 45 million unique listeners and drive them to store.

Expand your brand’s audio presence across the largest market reach available, connecting with 45 million potential customers in France alone.
“Audion is the hosting platform of reference for all our audio programmes. It help us scale our content offering and monetize it at enterprise level.”
Timothée Loreille - Head of audio, Grand groupe media
Le Monde

Target precisely the segments that drive most revenue.

Hone in on your desired audience segments with our advanced targeting capabilities, ensuring your message is not just heard, but deeply resonated by the right listeners.

Activate up to 3 levers to refine your targeting:

Key words targeting
Target listeners who consume content with specific key words (Brand, product, themes).
Socio-demographic data
Audience targeting on the most popular radio targets (Gender, age, SPC).
Contextualized data
Targeting based on affinity (interests, multi-audio, buying intentions).
Performance measurement

Get a clear ROI for each of your audio campaigns.

Audion reach gives exclusive access to research partner and intelligence platforms, helping demonstrate the ROI of your campaigns.
RGPD-compliant in-store traffic study.
Brand lift
Measure of marketing impact.
Online conversion tracking.
Audio ads gallery

Explore our gallery of creative audio campaigns.

Discover Audion’s creative capabilities in action, with a selection of work produced for our clients.

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