Hosting Platform

The global platform for professional audio publishers.

Host your content and distribute it on every directory. Audion360 makes it easy to manage your inventory, collaborate and analyze your success.
Podcast hosting platform

Easily manage your audio inventory.

Hosting content at the right place is the starting point to confidently grow your audio business.
Reliable audio hosting
Audion360 is built to support organizations willing to reach millions of listeners, with guaranteed stream quality.
Advanced analytics
Utilize our advanced analytics to comprehend your audience and monitor your daily downloads with multiple filters.
Podcast page & web player
It only takes a few clicks to create dedicated pages for your podcast - or embed it as a player in any existing web url.
User rights management
Exercise precise control over your team's access, ensuring smooth collaboration and security.
Podcast hosting platform

Distribute your podcast on all major directories.

Getting your podcast in front of the right audience is essential. Our partnership with the biggest podcast platforms allows you to link your hosted content in seconds.
“Audion is the hosting platform of reference for all our audio programmes. It help us scale our content offering and monetize it at enterprise level.”
Timothée Loreille - Head of audio, Grand groupe media
Le Monde

Add Text-to-speech to your written articles.

The Print-audio feature is designed for media groups willing to add text-to-speech to written articles - and run audio campaigns within the audio content.
Advanced analytics

Get to know your listeners.

Advanced analytics will provide detailed insights into your audio content metrics and listeners’ habits. Including stream performance and provenance, or peak time.
Stream performance
Identify the podcasts, networks and collections that perform best (daily, weekly or monthly).
Directory provenance
Analyze which platforms drive listeners to your programs and delve into statistics in depth.
Peak listening time
Gain insights into listeners’ time preferences for each program to optimize your schedule.
Starting performance
Compare your episodes starting performance to understand trends on your podcasts.
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