Grow your audio business.

Publishers generate more revenue from their audio programs with Audion hosting and monetization solutions.
Hosting Platform

The global platform for professional audio publishers.

Host your content and distribute it on every platform. Audion CMS makes it easy to manage your inventory, collaborate and analyze your audience.
Podcast monetization

Easily manage ads to monetize your audio content.

Broadcast, optimize and measure your digital audio advertising campaigns with our adserving platform. Audion lets you monitor and adjust the advertising pressure needed in every content.
Performance measurement
Gain insights into your ad campaigns. Track metrics, analyze listener engagement, and fine-tune your strategy.
Advanced AdServer
Our state-of-the-art AdServer technology ensures smooth ads delivery, accurate targeting, and dynamic ad insertion.
Custom ad slots
Insert targeted ads within your podcast episodes, preserving the listener experience while boosting your earnings.
Real-time Bidding (RTB)
Access a global network of advertisers through RTB to optimize your audio ads placement.
“We have been monetizing our podcast inventories with Audion since 2018, and started working on our Text-to-speech inventories for over a year now. “
Raphael Geronimi - Head of Prisma Media for Publisher
Testimonial from Prism Media
Audion Monetization

Secure your revenue with Audion Monetization.

With Exclusive Demand, our partnerships team supports your monetization efforts by providing you preferred access to advertisers that match your audio content.

Sell to advertisers beyond Audion’s network.

Programmatic allows you to sell audio ad space via leading programmatic buying solutions. It ensures consequent sales volumes
“Audion has been RTL’s exclusive partner, supporting the growth of our media for almost 4 years.”
Hortense Thomine-Desmazures, Deputy GM, RTL
Testimonial from RTL

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