Creative planning

Create and optimize audio ads with context.

Adapt your audio ads to the context, and deploy creatives that appeal to listeners, delivering proven effectiveness in every campaign.
Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Deploy dynamic, relevant audio creatives.

Our proprietary DCO technology tailors your ads to each listener's context, maximizing the impact of your digital audio campaigns.
Tailor audio ads to resonate with listeners in specific locations.
Align with the current weather, creating relevant and timely content.
Modify your audio ads to reflect the day, offering weekend specials or mid-week offers.
Ensure your audio content is apt for the hour, considering listener mindset at the time.
Use targetting data to adjust your ad content, ensuring it speaks to listeners’ profile.
Harness API capabilities to automate and enhance ad personalization.
Retarget listeners with precision, offering messages based on their engagement.
Surprise your audience with unique variables integrated into the ad creation process.
“Audion is the hosting platform of reference for all our audio programmes. It help us scale our content offering and monetize it at enterprise level.”
Timothée Loreille - Head of audio, Grand groupe media
Le Monde

Listen to dynamically optimized audio ads.

Play with the variables below to see how audio campaigns can be optimised.
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Creative studio

Produce your audio ads with creativity and know-how.

Our creative studio crafts cutting-edge campaigns that will translate your brand message into contextualized and engaging audio ads.

Activate up to 4 levers to refine your targeting:

Script writing
Develop compelling scripts that capture and convey your brand messages succinctly.
Voice casting
Select from a diverse array of voices to find the right tone for your brand.
Audio recording and mix
Achieve top-tier audio quality with professional recording and meticulous mixing.
Contextualized variables
Incorporate dynamic messages that adjust your audio ads to the listener's specific context.
Audio ads gallery

Explore our gallery of creative audio campaigns.

Discover Audion’s creative capabilities in action, with a selection of work produced for our clients.

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Brands and publishers create successful audio campaigns on radio, music and podcasts with Audion’s digital solutions.