Audion Monetization

Secure revenue with Audion ads network.

Achieve stability in your ad revenue with guaranteed sales. Having ad slots consistently booked is the best way to deliver predictable income with your audio content.
Automated revenue

Unlock earnings without pushing sales yourself.

Automate your revenue streams with Exclusive Demand. Audion automatically optimizes your ad placements, ensuring consistent monetization of your audio content.
“Audion is the hosting platform of reference for all our audio programmes. It help us scale our content offering and monetize it at enterprise level.”
Timothée Loreille - Head of audio, Grand groupe media
Le Monde
Premium brands only

Only sell ad space to premium brands.

Audion safeguards your brand reputation by exclusively featuring ads from premium brands in your content.
Real-time analytics

Measure your performance and adjust in real-time.

Fuel your monetization strategy with real-time analytics. Insights into your ad performance and revenue metrics enable you to choose the right time to ask for help.
Stream performance
Identify the content, collection or network that performs best.
Directory provenance
Analyze which directories drive listeners to your programs.
Peak listening time
Get insights on your listeners’ preferences for each program.
Users location and device
Know where your audience is, and how they listen.

More solutions to monetize your audio content:

Brands and publishers create successful audio campaigns on radio, music and podcasts with Audion’s digital solutions.