Manage ads to monetize your audio content.

Turn your audio content into a revenue engine. Our monetization and ad management solutions are built to maximize your growth.

Boost Ad Revenue with the leading audio AdServer.

Audion AdServer is engineered to amplify your advertising revenue, offering intuitive features and reliable technology that perfectly aligns with your monetization strategy.
Align ads with relevant audiences for maximized engagement.
Leverage ad spaces to spotlight your own content and platforms.
Host sponsor ads that complement and enhance your listener's experience.
Monetize further your written articles with Text-to-speech and print-audio advertising.
Ads campaigns

Launch campaigns by yourself.

Utilize our top-notch ad server to seamlessly book campaigns on your inventory, maximizing your audio revenue.
Need help securing sales for your audio content?

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“Audion is the hosting platform of reference for all our audio programmes. It help us scale our content offering and monetize it at enterprise level.”
Timothée Loreille - Head of audio, Grand groupe media
Le Monde
Ad-slot rules

Set the rules for the perfect audio ads allocation.

Define, implement, and manage ad-slot rules. Audion360 lets you adjust ad frequency, duration, and type, aligning them perfectly with your content and audience preferences.
Place ads at the beginning of content, grabbing attention upfront.
Insert ads during content, maintaining engagement and monetization concurrently.
Feature ads at the end of content, leaving a memorable message.
Real-time revenue
Monitor and manage your earnings in real time, optimizing for profitable strategies.
Advanced analytics

Receive earnings reports for each episode.

Advanced analytics will provide detailed insights into your audio content metrics and listeners’ habits. Including stream performance and provenance, or peak time.
Track Revenue Accurately with real-time earnings data.
Fill rate
Measure the effectiveness of your ad-slots with fill rate.
Analyze listener interactions and ad engagement.
Ad opportunities
Spot and exploit monetization opportunities.

More solutions to monetize your audio content:

Brands and publishers create successful audio campaigns on radio, music and podcasts with Audion’s digital solutions.